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Why carry out the "four to eight" expansion of Hefei Ning Expressway?

publishdate:2017-08-25 Views:4906

Nanjing high speed and high speed field conversion is continuous optimization of the internal potential growth in operating assets and mining management company, through expansion and renovation, the company will attract more traffic, stable sources of profit growth.

It is predicted that the saturation flow of the Ning Ning expressway is about 30 thousand vehicles (folding synthetic cars), while the current four lanes will limit the sustainable development of the road. Moreover, considering the future land costs and the increasingly difficult demolition problems, the company's approach is forward-looking. More importantly, Nanjing Ning expressway has become the first high-speed road section with eight lanes in Anhui Province, which has certain reference significance for the development of Anhui provincial highway.

The sections of the renovation and expansion, will bring the company to pass increase fee income, rapid growth to bring profits, but also conducive to the enhancement of the road traffic to absorb competitiveness, ensure the convenience of traffic.