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Will the construction of the railway affect the performance of the company?

publishdate:2017-08-25 Views:4888

According to the "national economic and social development of the first five year plan" and "long-term railway network plan", 11th Five-Year, China's railway construction will enter a period of rapid development, the railway construction investment will exceed the highway investment, a number of first-tier cities between the high-speed rail project started. In April 28, 2008, the first domestic passenger dedicated line, full-length 160 kilometers of Hefei Nanjing railway, Shanghai Nanjing Line EMU drive in August 1st; in July, Anhui and Jiangxi copper connecting nine railway officially opened on September 1st, passenger train wagon, opened at the end of December; Hefei Wuhan railway. "11th Five-Year" period, the province's railway investment will be more than 80 billion yuan, more than 1500 km of new railways, including the construction of double track 518 kilometers, electrification transformation 977 kilometers.

High speed rail and intercity fast will greatly shorten the travel time between the two places, there may be a change of passenger travel mode, cause some diversion of the long-distance passenger will affect the operation of passenger traffic, but from our country economic growth situation, the overall demand for transport growth will be higher than the growth of Railway construction moreover, because the speed is not large proportion of passenger operation income accounted for in toll revenue, highway passenger transport still maintained the advantage of flexibility and price, the company believes that high-speed rail will have a certain impact on the industry, but will not cause large fluctuations.