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How will the cancellation of the two highway toll affect the operation of the company?

publishdate:2017-08-25 Views:4888

At present the company management sections for highway and the highway, and there is no two highway and operated by the company's section in parallel, so the two level of the cancellation of the company's existing highway toll road operating conditions will not have a significant impact.

From a nationwide perspective, this policy is gradually implemented, the abolition of the toll two highway proportion is also controlled within a certain range, and, as time continues, this influence is slowly fading;

At the same time as the two grade highway standard, traffic structure and highway and the highway is also very different, China's two grade highway is connected to County Road, many users of domestic township residents and farmers, and the highway undertakes more transit traffic, even in the presence of parallel two stage highway and the existing highway or highway, two highway toll cancellation effect on the highway and the highway is not significant.