Ma 'anshan Yangtze River Bridge and its connection


Ma 'anshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge connects Ma 'anshan and Chaohu Lake across the river. The bridge is located in Jiangxinzhou of Ma 'anshan Reach. The main bridge is 10.9 kilometers long. The north bank is connected with Hexian Mouqiao to Provincial Highway 206 and Hefei, Chaohu to Ma 'anshan Expressway, with a line length of 5.68 kilometers. The south bank is connected through Chaoshan, Xiangshan, Oucheng, Hanjiaba, Jizitang, to the border of Anhui and Jiangsu Niu Crossing, connecting Ma 'anshan to the Jiangsu Section of Lishui Expressway, the line is 19.23 kilometers long. The entire line in the east of Ma 'anshan, Ma 'anshan South, Jiangxinzhou, Mu Bridge 4 interchange set. The whole line adopts the standard construction of two-way six-lane expressway, the width of the roadbed is 33.5 meters, and the Yangtze River bridge is 33.0 meters. Ma 'anshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge is a national key project and also an "861" project in Anhui Province.