Jihuang Expressway





Jihuang Expressway is an important part of Yangzhou-Jixi Expressway in Anhui Province expressway network planning. It connects the Huihang section of G56 Hangzhou-Ruizhou Expressway to the south. Jihuang Expressway started construction in 2008, was completed in December 2011, and was put into operation on January 16, 2012. Jihuang Expressway starts from Wangzhuang, Jixi Huayang Town in the north, passes Xima, Kongling, Wang Cun, Buddha Ling foot to the end point of Shexian County, Chengcun, and connects with Hui-hang Expressway, with a total length of 24.62 kilometers. According to the standard of two-way four-lane expressway, the design speed is 100 km/h, the roadbed is 26 meters wide, and the asphalt concrete pavement structure is adopted. The whole line consists of three interchanges (Jixi, Linxi and Chengcun) and Huayang service area, with a total investment of about 1.7 billion yuan. The expressway from Jixi to Huangshan is an important part of the expressway from Yangzhou to Jixi in the expressway planning network of Anhui Province. The construction of this project plays an important role in improving the expressway network, speeding up the development of tourism resources, and promoting regional economic development and social progress in southern Anhui.