Liuqian Expressway






Liuqian Expressway is a key project in the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and "861" Action Plan of Anhui Province. Starting from Lu 'an City and ending in Qianshan County, it runs through the Dabie Mountain in its entirety. It is the first expressway in Anhui Province to cross the hinterland of the Dabie Mountain. The design is fully closed, full interchange, full control access, two-way 4 lanes, the design driving speed is 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. Two thirds of the line is located in the mountainous hilly area, and the total length of the bridge and tunnel on the line is 57.1 kilometers.

The Liuqian Expressway passes through 11 towns and villages in three counties, including Yuan District, Huoshan County and Yuexi County. It is the national key highway planning in jinan, guangzhou road a, after the completion of trunk highway will directly connected even huo, Shanghai - luoyang national key road, Shanghai - wuwei key national highway, shanghai-chengdu trunk highway, along the highway, hangzhou, key national highway in lanzhou, formation of highway network scale; At the same time, it is also an important part of the "West Longitudinal" (Bozhou -- Fuyang -- Lu 'an -- Anqing -- East Highway) in the main framework planning of Anhui Province.

The construction of the six-subsea expressway plays an active role in improving the traffic conditions in Dabie Mountain Area, enhancing the comprehensive transportation capacity in the west of Anhui Province, and developing the tourism resources in Dabie Mountain Area of Anhui Province.