Heliuye Expressway





Heliuye Expressway, with a total length of 163.3 km, started construction in March 2004 and was officially opened to traffic on November 28, 2007. He six leaf highway east from the junction of Feidong County, Hefei City, Changfeng County Shuangdun Town, Feixi County GaoLiu Town, Lu 'an Jin 'an District Chengbei Township, Yu 'an District Xuji Township, Huoqiu County Yao Li Township stop in the territory of Ye Ji District, design speed of 120 kilometers per hour. 41.077 km from Feidong junction to Feixi Changgang; Changgang ~ Lu 'an ~ Yeji 122.238 km. The Heiluye Expressway narrates the distance between Hefei and Lu 'an to 56 kilometers, which is "in the provincial economic circle". The Heluye Expressway connects Hefei to Wuhan and Xi 'an, forming a transportation channel complementary to the Shanghai-Hanrong and Ningxixi Railway. The completion of HeLiuYe Expressway is of great significance to both Hefei and West Anhui.

Been shut expressway six leaf is the anhui province opened eight horizontal "road" cross "in the planning of the main frame (i.e., nanjing to hefei to yeji) one of the important sections, and the traffic ning high-speed, high-speed and xu, Ann highways connected, forming the western and eastern China, fast-track and under construction of huai mound, fuyang to luan to buried hill, luan to wuhan highway connected to constitute west anhui highway skeleton.