Lianhuo Expressway





The Anhui section of G30 Lianhuo Expressway starts from Laoshankou at the junction of Anhui and Jiangsu, connects with Lianyungang to Xuzhou Expressway in Jiangsu Province, ends at Zhudachang at the junction of Anhui and Henan Province, and connects with Shangqiu to Kaifeng Expressway in Henan Province. It is a component part of the trunk network of "five vertical and seven horizontal" national highways, and is a key construction project determined by the state. Adopt the standard of plain micro-hilly area expressway, the total length of the route is 54 kilometers. The project started construction in December 1998 and was completed and opened to traffic on July 1, 2002. The whole line has xiaoxian south, xiaoxian east, zhangzhuang village, anhui, anhui su toll station and wang zhai service area. The opening of the Anhui section of Lianhuo Expressway has greatly promoted the further development of the coal bases along the routes and the two huai regions, and strengthened the economic cooperation and exchanges between the central and western regions and the eastern coastal cities.