Wuhe Expressway


G5011 wu-he expressway (formerly hechao-wu-he expressway) is a key construction project of transportation infrastructure during the eighth five-year plan of anhui province, and an important trunk highway from anhui province to the coastal economically developed areas. Heshaowu expressway starts from the Longxi interchange hub of feidong, connects with heining, hexunan and hefei ring expressway, terminates in yongzhen of hexian county, and connects with wuhu Yangtze river bridge, with a total length of 99 kilometers. The construction of the Wuhu expressway began in December 1992, the first two phases were completed in December 1995, and the third phase of the north bank highway connection of the Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge was opened to traffic in September 2000. Hechaowu expressway has one extra-large bridge, two tunnels, and there are toll stations in yongzhen, wuhubei, hanshan, chaohu, zhegao, wangtie and fushan service area.