Hetonghuang Expressway


Hetonghuang Expressway is located in the central and southern part of Anhui Province, connecting He 'an Expressway and He 'ning Expressway in operation in the north, and Yanjiang Expressway and Huihang Expressway in the south. It is a key highway construction project of the "Ten-Five Plan" of Anhui Province, with a total length of 370 kilometers and four lanes in both directions. Along the line, Tongling, Chizhou, Jiuhua Mountain, Taiping Lake, Huangshan Mountain and other scenic spots, as well as tourist scenic spots, are radiated. The operation of the Hetongtonghuang Expressway shortens the travel time from Hefei to the scenic spots of "two mountains and one lake", making it more convenient and fast for tourists to and from Hefei. For Tongling and other places to the north of the river traffic radiation set up a shortcut, improve the capacity of transport handling, and effectively promote the development of the economy. With the implementation of the economic development strategy of "two points and one line" (Hefei, Huangshan and Wanjiang) in Anhui Province, and the development of tourism led by "two mountains and one lake" (Huangshan, Jiuhua and Taiping Lake), the expressway of he-tong-huang will have important strategic significance.