He-Xu southern section of Jingtai Expressway


G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway is an important section of G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway, and an important part of the "cross" -shaped north-south expressway connection in Anhui Province, with a total length of about 122 km. The whole line has Shuangmiao, Yongkang, Duji Wu Wei, Bengbu Renheji stations and Wu Wei service area. Hefei-Xuzhou South Expressway starts from Feidong Longxi Interchange, connects with Hening and Wuhe Expressway, and reaches Renheji Interchange in Bengbu suburb in the north, and connects with the north section of Hefei-Xuzhou Expressway. Hefei-Xuzhou South Expressway was started in July 1998 and completed and dredged June 2001.