Anhui Expressway Co., Ltd. inherits the enterprise culture of "Xin Hui Dao" of Anhui Transportation Holding Group Corporation.

The cultural system of "Xin Hui Dao" consists of core concepts and special concepts, among which the core concepts include mission, vision, core values and enterprise spirit; the special concepts include six concepts, including business philosophy, management philosophy, safety philosophy, talent philosophy, service philosophy and integrity philosophy, and the employee code of conduct runs through them.

The connotation of "Xin Hui Dao" culture is: based on Anhui's open mind to the world; the pioneering spirit of daring to be the first to keep forging ahead; the professional ability of building bridges between mountains and rivers; the innovative power of surpassing self and never being satisfied; the political consciousness of being loyal and responsible; the moral code of being honest, trustworthy, pragmatic and enterprising.