The principal business of the Company include investment, construction, operation and management of toll roads within Anhui province. The Company acquires operating expressway assets through various means such as investment and construction, acquisition or co-operative operation. The Company provides toll service for vehicles, collects vehicles toll free according to the charging standard and maintains, repairs and carries out safety maintenance for the operating expressways. Toll roads are large-scale transportation infrastructures with long payback cycle, the characteristics is capital intensive, the investment return period is long and the income is relatively stable.

The Company owns all or part of the toll road equity in Hening Expressway (G40 Hushan Expressway Hening Section), New Tianchang Section of National Trunk 205, Gaojie Expressway (G50 Huyu Expressway Gaojie Section), Xuanguang Expressway (G50 Huyu Expressway Xuanguang Section), Guangci Expressway (G50 Huyu Expressway Guangci Section), Ninghuai Expressway Tianchang Section, Lianhuo Highway Anhui Section (G30 Lianhuo Expressway Anhui Section) and Ningxuanhang Expressway, etc., all of which are located in Anhui Province. As of 31 December 2020, the Company has 557 kilometers of operating highway with total assets of about RMB 16,240,743 thousand. Moreover, as expressways showed the features of network operations, the Group also provided entrusted management services (including the management of toll service, maintenance and repair, information and technology, safety of road assets, etc.) for some road sections to Anhui Transportation Holding Group and its subsidiaries.

In addition, the Company is also actively exploring and experimenting with advertising businesses along the expressway, financial business and fund investment businesses to further expand profit ability and achieve sustainable development of the Company.