The company actively layout the intelligent transportation industry. Through equity participation and investment in communication control information industry companies, with the help of "Internet +" and other new technological means, we will integrate relevant resources, expand new business forms for the development of the transportation sector, and promote the coordinated layout and linkage development of the expressway industry chain.

The company actively participates in fund investment. At present, the company has invested in Anhui Investment Investment Fund (limited partnership), Anhui Investment Management Fund (limited partnership), Anhui Investment Management Private Equity Fund Co., Ltd., Anhui Investment Management Private Equity Management Co., Ltd. Through the establishment of industrial funds, the company will improve its capital operation ability, expand emerging industries and promote business diversification of the company.

The company operates financial business steadily. The company has invested in Wantong Pawn, Wantong Small Loan, Xin 'an Finance, Xin 'an Capital and many other financial enterprises.