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How does the reform of the fuel tax affect the development of the company?

publishdate:2017-08-25 Views:4933

The reform plan of oil price tax and fee has been put into effect in January 1, 2009. The Levy of gasoline is 0.8 yuan / liter, and the tax levied on diesel is 0.7 yuan / liter, which is lower than the market expectation, and only about 15% of the fuel tax rate is levied. In the short run, the introduction of fuel tax will increase the use of some vehicles, thereby inhibiting vehicle travel, the negative impact on the highway traffic.

But in the long run, the fuel saving advantages of the highway will have obvious attraction to the traffic demand, and the Levy of fuel tax will have obvious positive effects on the expressway. The tax rate is lower than expected, and from the amount of levy, the abolition of the six charges makes use of the cost of consumer taxes decreased to some extent, is conducive to traffic especially small cars and heavy trucks and cars will increase, structure in China towards heavy and large-scale development direction, time and space this will save the resources of the expressway, can improve the transmission capacity of goods and passengers, to increase the company's fee income.